SZ Sarasate all Solid Student Violin with Professional Set-up, Hard case bow and rosin

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Product Overview

Sarasate Student Violin with Professional Set-up

The Sarasate Student Violin includes all everything that a beginner violinist needs. It is an all solid wood Violin with high quality parts.

Genuine Ebony fingerboard ( not ebonized) and pegs, lightweight carbon composite tailpiece and an octagonal Brazilwood horsehair bow with Parisian eye & Ebony Frog.

Prior to shipping your violin, it will be set-up by an approved luthier to our rigid specifications .


Professional Setup Included

When you buy most violins online, they will ship straight out of the manufactures box and will require setting up to make them playable.

Our violins include a Professional setup which involves the following :

  • Fitting the pegs correctly inside the peg box and making sure they they move well , without slipping.
  • Cutting and shaping the bridge to the correct curvature and string height to match the instrument
  • Ensuring the nut is shaped at the correct height and curvature.
  • Ensuring the tailpiece is installed at the correct length and the fine tuners are working.
  • Setting the sound post inside, at the correct position to ensure the best tone.
  • Pre-rosin the bow to ensure the violin will play straight away.




Solid Spruce 
Back and Sides Solid Maple 
Tailpiece Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Composite with fine-tuners.
Purfling Inlaid Purfling
Pegs Ebony
Fingerboard Ebony
Case  Lightweight Shaped Case with shoulder strap
Bow Octagonal Brazilwood with Parisian eye & Ebony Frog, Horsehair